Meet the Woman Running Walmart’s Biggest Deal Ever

Editor, Fortune

Before Judith McKenna took over, the mega-retailer’s international business was routinely ignored. Then came the company’s $16 billion stake in India’s Flipkart. Does she have your attention now?

My $200,000 Debt Should Not Disqualify Me For Governor of Georgia

Editor, Fortune

If elected, Stacey Abrams would be the first black female governor in the U.S.


Female founders under fire: Are women in the startup world being unfairly targeted?

Editor, Fortune

From the Wing to Outdoor Voices to Away, the ranks of powerful women who have been forced to step back at the companies they created continue to grow.

Sheryl Sandberg’s Fall From Grace and What It Can Teach Working Women

Editor, Fortune

Leaning in to power means taking responsibility for using it unwisely.

Just how sexist was the AP tweet calling Amal Clooney “wife of actor?

Editor/Writer, Fortune

The news organization downgraded Clooney from accomplished human rights lawyer to Mrs. George Clooney. Just how upset should we be about it?

2018 Is the Second ‘Year of the Woman:’ An Oral History of the Women Who Gave Rise to the First

Writer/Editor, Fortune

The women who ran in 1992 talk Congress, the 2018 midterms, and their advice for the next generation.

Serena Williams on International Women’s Day: ‘We Must Band Together to Fight for What’s Fair’

Editor, Fortune

The tennis icon urges women to be brave, take risks, and—above all—support one another.

How Investors Like Melinda Gates Are Helping These VCs Tackle Tech’s Bro Problem

Editor, Fortune

Aspect Ventures cofounders Theresia Gouw and Jennifer Fonstad run the rare gender-balanced VC firm.

PepsiCo’s CEO Opens Up About Trump, Amazon, and That Kendall Jenner Ad

Editor, Fortune

Indra Nooyi sat down with Fortune to talk about how she’s managing the $63-billion-in-sales food and beverage giant during the most disruptive period of her tenure.

This Female Exec Changed Her Name to a Man’s to Get a Job. Should You?

Editor, Fortune

When Erin McKelvey applied for a job in the tech industry after finishing college in the mid-1990s, she got zero response. So she consulted a friend, who offered some advice.

An Obamacare Repeal Could Strip Women of Workplace Breastfeeding Protections

Editor, Fortune

Health experts want mothers to breastfeed exclusively for six months.

Is Ivanka Trump’s Decision to Leave Her Business Good for Working Women?

Writer, Fortune

What does it mean to be a powerful woman?

The Hidden Victim of Sexual Harassment: Women’s Careers

Editor, Fortune

NBC has announced the firing of star Today Show host Matt Lauer for alleged “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

The secret to getting more women into the C-suite

Video Interview, Fortune

Fortune’s Leigh Gallagher, Pattie Sellers and Kristen Bellstrom talk about the 30% club and what it takes to even the playing field up the corporate ladder.

This university has produced the most VC-funded female startup founders

Editor, Fortune

Women who graduate from these undergrad and b-school programs go on to start companies and raise big money.

The Broadsheet

Editor/Writer, Fortune

Fortune’s daily newsletter on the world’s most powerful women.

This is who won the Nicki Minaj – Taylor Swift VMA Twitter war

Editor/Writer, Fortune

The short answer? We did. Here’s why we should applaud Minaj and Swift for airing their beef in public.

Broad Strokes

Host, Fortune

We discuss the controversial appointment of Stephen Bannon to Trump’s transition team.

The Real Cost of Cheap Groceries

Editor, Fortune

There’s a price war raging in the grocery aisle—but the people who actually grow and gather our food may be the battle’s true losers. Meet the produce pickers of Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, whose penny-per-bunch harvest helps stock your pantry for less.

How Amazon Is Using Whole Foods in a Bid for Total Retail Domination

Editor, Fortune

The Seattle giant believes selling you groceries is the key to selling you everything else.

How the Leather Jacket Became the New Power Blazer

Writer, Fortune

A symbol of rebellion becomes a boardroom staple.

Got Kicks? The $19,000 Gold Shoelaces

Video Interview, Wall Street Journal

You have the necklace and the earrings. But you don’t have the gold shoelaces. Kristen Bellstrom discusses on Lunch Break.

Tofurky Wants to Save the World, One Thanksgiving Roast at a Time.

Editor, Fortune

For decades, Tofurky has been a holiday punchline. But as meat substitutes go mainstream, who’s laughing now?


Restaurants Want More Teen Labor. Critics Say They’re Putting Kids at Risk of Sexual Harassment.

Editor, Barron’s

With restaurants hurting for staff, teenagers are making up a greater share of their workforce. But some say the industry isn’t doing enough to protect its youngest employees.


More Americans Are Working Into Their 80s. What’s Keeping Them in the Workforce?

Editor, Barron’s

As the baby boomers age, it’s becoming more common for people to remain employed into their 70s and 80s. Why they still aren’t ready to retire.

Exclusive: Meet Airbnb’s highest-ranking female exec ever

Editor/Writer, Fortune

General counsel Belinda Johnson is being promoted to chief business affairs and legal officer, making her more of “the voice and face” of the company.


Inside the ad, ad, ad, ad world of YouTube

Editor, Fortune

Alphabet’s online video service has grown from tween pastime to one of the world’s largest sellers of digital advertising. Now it’s poised to overtake the TV ad market—if it can maintain control of the wild universe of content it created.

Match Is the Sweetheart of Online Dating—But Can It Fend Off Facebook and Bumble?

Editor, Fortune

New CEO Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg is ready to defend her turf.

MPW BUSINESS SCHOOL Exclusive: More than half of MBAs say they will put family before career

Editor/Writer, Fortune

A new study from Bain & Co. proves once again that work-life balance isn’t just a “women’s issue.”

Who wants to be CEO? Not millennial women.

Editor/Writer, Fortune

A new survey finds that female and millennial employees aren’t interested in the corner office.


Confessions of an Instagram addict

Writer, Fortune

The Facebook unit has managed to maintain its visual appeal, sell tons of ads, and build a platform for e-commerce—all while not letting its own parent dent its reputation. Can it keep walking the fine line between art and commerce?

Fertility Inc.: Inside the big business of babymaking

Editor, Fortune

One in eight couples struggles to conceive. No wonder investors are injecting cash into the industry.

Meet the woman behind today’s Sally Ride Google doodle

Editor/Writer, Fortune

Artist Olivia Huynh celebrates Ride’s birthday with a series of five animations that illustrate different aspects of the astronaut’s life.

Who wants to be CEO? Not millennial women.

Editor/Writer, Fortune

A new survey finds that female and millennial employees aren’t interested in the corner office.

25 ideas that will shape the 2020s

Writer, Editor, Fortune

Fortune asked 25 of the sharpest minds to weigh in on the epic, disruptive, thrilling, terrifying, and fascinating ideas that will mold the next decade. The future is now.


Best Places to Retire

Editor, Money Magazine

Love the culture and excitement of urban life, but loathe the congestion and cost? One of these “Second Cities” could be your first-choice retirement spot.

Donut Fails: 7 Flavors You Won’t See On National Donut Day

Writer, TIME

In a world where bacon and Sriracha donuts fly off bakery shelves, what does it take for a flavor to be considered too weird?

Real Estate Guide 2014

Editor, Money Magazine

After last year’s dramatic comeback, the housing market is now getting back to “normal.” But what does that big-picture forecast mean for the value of your home? Whether you’re buying, selling, or just staying put, here’s what you should know in 2014.

MONEY’s Best Places to Live 2014

Editor, Money.com

We rank the 50 best small cities in the country, looking for great jobs, strong economies, affordable homes, excellent schools, and much more.

Traveling With Twitter

Writer, The Wall Street Journal

To prepare for his latest business trip, Hickson Chen went through the usual routine: packed, checked his itinerary, confirmed his flight—and sent his hotel a Twitter message about chicken-fried steak.

4 Ways to Visit Europe for 33% Off

Editor, Money.com

True, the Continent is expensive, but choose an unexpected location, time it right, and you’ll be surprised by just how much you can save.

Yes, You Can Still Go to the World Cup Without Going Broke

Writer, MONEY.com

It’s not too late to plan a trip to the 2014 World Cup, running from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil. Here are some tips for keeping the costs of flights and hotels down.

Your Very Own Winter Olympics

Writer, SmartMoney Magazine

Forget Vancouver. With curling broom and bobsled helmet in hand, we play Olympian at former host cities dusting off their old venues.

Trips to Savor

Editor, Money Magazine

Eat your way through these four fantastic food towns, wallet intact. Your waistline is another matter.

One Minute Money: Tricks for Saving More

Video Host, Money

MONEY’s Kristen Bellstrom has simple steps that pave the way toward bigger bank and retirement accounts.